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Dance Pasion teaches Tango, Argentine Tango, Salsa and many other forms of dance for groups and private booking. Based in Auckland,

we perform and teach throughout New Zealand.

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Group Dance Classes

We specialise in teaching Tango at all levels. Come with friends or jump into a group class and get into the fun

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Private Dance Lessons

Fast-Track your learning, no matter your level. Start your development here

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Dance Workshops

If you are wanting to learn an amazing fun dance or to dance at your wedding then absolutely - Tango is the dance for you! 


Argentine Tango Dance Expertise

Over 40 years training/teaching Ice Skating and Dance, John has the unique ability to understand and translate the complexities of Tango into easily understood exercises which unlocks the secrets of both close and open Tango embraces.


John and Natallia's classes have a strong emphasis on good dance technique for social dancing across all styles.

Tango New Zealand

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Dance Pasion New Zealand was established by John Flower, Multi New Zealand and World Title Holder in various Tango, Salsa and Latin Dance disciplines. 

For those who wish to learn, John and Natallia teach Tango and many other forms of dance for groups, one on one private tuition and corporate team building events throughout NZ.

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What You Will Learn With Us
Here's an overview of and Pillars of Tango, ready for you to learn.

Tango Technique Fundamentals

Learn correct Tango technique, rooted in authentic, fundamental Argentine Tango Dance. Develop a natural base, for you to add your own personality.

Dancing with Elegance and your own Flair

Lift your fitness levels, develop a strong, natural core so you can have the most fun while you learn.


Leading and Following
With Tango, people think it is the lead that does all the work. Learn how to work with your partner, either someone you dance with often, as well as someone new.

Looking for the right Tango Class for You?

Contact us to determine the best class Tango for you to attend. It is really important to us that you tell us your goals, motivations and skill level.

That way we can put you in the right class with the right people, where you can develop and have the most fun doing it!

(Our contact details are right there below. I bet a chat with us will be more fun than scrolling through facebook for the next 10 minutes)

Get in Touch

Dance Pasion is based in Auckland New Zealand, and supports the dance community nationwide.

0274 592 501

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