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Dance Instruction and Performers

Learn to Dance, Experience World-Class Performances

Dance Pasión Ltd is an Auckland based dance company, whose aim is to promote and foster Argentine Tango within

New Zealand.  Our emphasis is on retaining authentic movements & feeling for each dance style while still allowing the individual dance forms to evolve.

Learn how to dance Argentine Tango with Natallia and John... If you can walk than you can dance tango!

Our Tango Dance Instructors

While known for their impressive Tango performances, John is also one of the most experienced, 

professional Lambada, Salsa and Argentine Tango instructors in New Zealand.

  • What type of Tango does Dance Pasion perform and teach?
    We teach the traditional Argentine Tango, as danced in Buenos Aries.
  • How can you learn to dance Tango?
    To add a new FAQ follow these steps: 1. Contact Us 2. Join a Class 3. Grab some friends or learn with new ones! 4. Stick at it, and practice!
  • What are the two types of tango dance?
    This style is divided into two categories, American and International. The International style is mainly used in competitions, while the American style is considered to be more of a social dance.

Get in Touch

Dance Pasion is based in Auckland New Zealand, and supports the dance community nationwide.

0274 592 501

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